Dr. Lars Immerthal


Over 16 years of experience in management consulting, as a director for a Big Four accounting firm (strategy & operations) and managing director of a renowned boutique consulting firm. Freelancer with Alex & Verne since 2017.

Fields: Start-ups, German SMEs, especially in the manufacturing industry, mechanical engineering, automotive industry, process industry, medical technology, telecommunications, software development, energy suppliers, mine operators, banks, insurance companies, and public sector.

Project examples

More than 70 projects with operations in Europe, the USA, Brazil, and China:

Strategy & Storytelling
  • thought leadership and storytelling for software companies
  • post-merger support and corporate strategy development (German SME)
  • restructuring of a chemical company (German SME)
  • support and consulting of start-ups (e.g. AI, business intelligence, high technology)
Risk management
  • risk management of the supply chain for a mine operator (Brazil) and aircraft builders (Europe),
  • hedging of fuels and metals for production and logistics,
  • introduction of sourcing governance and compliance
  • reorganization of supply chain and purchasing organization for an agricultural machinery manufacturer (USA, Europe, Brazil),
  • establishment of competence centres for global knowledge management (automotive supplier, consulting firm),
  • establishment of an agency pool (marketing and media) for a global ITC company,
  • HR management in consulting
  • worldwide process re-engineering for a software company (worldwide),
  • preparation of case studies and application examples for all relevant areas of digitalization and technologies for an educational institute
Supply chain and operations
  • due diligence operations for a toy manufacturer,
  • value chain restructuring (end-to-end) for a production company (German SME)


Over the course of more than 16 years as a management consultant, I have evolved certain positions on important topics of my work which provide me with motivation and which I continue to develop further:

Strategy and narrative

Strategy is not a plan. It is the creation of important conditions for organizations: Robustness in competition and crises, agility and flexibility in new situations, the ability to discover and seize opportunities for oneself, but also to question and to be able to reinvent oneself. One particular prerequisite for this is the narratability of one's own actions and work. This is the medium and expression of successful companies.

Risk management

The central core of good risk management is communication and understanding about uncertainties, potential for damage or opportunities. Entrepreneurship always means taking risks. Entrepreneurs are, among other things, risk takers who can literally "factor in" and "calculate" events into their decision-making and, for that very reason, they create trust or social capital.


Organization answers the question "who should be involved in the performance of our tasks and how?" as well as "how should we define and coordinate processes?" In terms of strategy in particular, each organization has its own structural differences. This results in either successful behaviours are or behaviours which we want or need to change. Communication is the primary key, regardless of whether we're dealing with strategy, processes or risks.


The transformation of the analogue world into digital values is the starting point for a multiplication of options and a constant creative destruction. Digitalization poses the question of how we intend to shape our world with all these possibilities. Digitalization also means that things, people and machines communicate and cooperate with each other. Response and feedback are important elements for shaping digital communication and, by extension, processes, platforms or other organizations.

Supply chain and operations

The concept of the supply chain has undergone a phenomenal transformation and is facing a bright future. As a transmission medium, supply chains connect machines, entire production units or organizational silos on an end-to-end basis. Supply chains challenge the thinking along the value chain, across corporate boundaries and in unique ecological systems. From this perspective, production marks the transformation point in a supply chain at which knowledge turns material resources into products and services.


Play is poetry in action. It's great to watch kids and teens playing video games or messing around with computers, foreshadowing what much of our future working world will look like. Early on, they showed us how to organize ourselves across platforms, how to use digital twins to move about in parallel worlds, how to communicate and collaborate with people and machines, how to coordinate tactical processes and, above all, shape our world.

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